Fracking, Shale Gas
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Fracking and Health Awareness Project

Health professionals call on Obama to stop fracking


Strong words from health professionals about the risks of fracking. Across the US from every state, over 1,000 physicians, nurses and other health professionals have signed on to a letter calling on President Obama to take action to protect public health.

Letters vary from state to state, citing specifics situations in each state, but include a number of common points:

“Given this toll of drilling damage, the prudent and precautionary response would be to halt fracking wherever it’s already happening and ban new fracking.”

“Left unchecked, high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing could soon emerge as one of the greatest environmental health threats we have faced in a generation. We urge you to take action now.”

“Close the loopholes that exempt fracking from key provisions of our nation’s bedrock environmental and public health laws, including the Clean Water Act, CleanAir Act,and hazardous waste laws.”

“Heed the recommendation of your administration’s fracking advisory committee and declare sensitive areas – including places that provide drinking water for millions of Americans – as “off-limits” to fracking.”

In Pennsylvania, health professionals ask Obama to:

• Lift the existing gag order placed on health professionals in Pennsylvania by Act 13, prohibitingthe discussion of the disclosed fracking chemicals impacting their patients or sharing information for research purposes.
• Please empower the Department of Health to monitor, study, evaluate, and regularly report on the short and long term health impacts of fracking across the Commonwealth.
In the long-term, we urge you to do everything in your power to place a moratorium on all new gas drilling permits until we can ensure public health is protected.
In New Mexico, health professionals call attention to the danger of contamination of the Otero Mesa aquifer, which could endanger the health of thousands of New Mexicans.
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