Fracking, Shale Gas
and Health

Fracking and Health Awareness Project


Welcome to the Fracking and Health Awareness Project. The aim of this website is to gather in one place a wide range of information on the health impacts of shale gas industrial development, including fracking. This website is under construction, with lots of information still to be posted, so keep checking back.We will also have a sign up feature soon, so that you can be automatically contacted when new information is posted.

The Fracking and Health Awareness Project is a project of the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia. EHANS logo EHANS is a community based charitable organization which has been dedicated to promoting understanding about the links between environment and health since 1985. Other EHANS projects include the Guide to Less Toxic Products and an archival website  providing information on a wide range of environmental health issues, from scent-free policies to pesticides, healthy house paints and much more.

EHANS is a member of NOFRAC, the Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition, and brings an environmental health perspective to the coalition’s work.

Contact us at info [at]

EHANS is funded completely by our supporters. Our websites are free of advertising. Please consider making a donation to support this work. All donations are tax-deductable in Canada.

Thanks to the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment for supporting this project.


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